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Combi Paris Story

Fab et Gwladys have been driving people around Paris for years as private chauffeurs. They realised that tourists were unhappy with boring bus rides and run of the mill tours. As longtime combi van admirers, they decided to launch a Combi Paris Tours!

1972 VW combi van

Our type 2 Combi (also know as 'Bus' in the U.S. or 'camper' in the U.K.) is famous as the forerunner of the modern cargo and passenger vans.

Finding the best itinerary

We spent weeks driving around Paris trying to find the best possible tours. We think we found the perfect routes for you.

Launching combi Paris

After years of dreaming about showing people the best of Paris in the coolest possible way, we finally launched in 2017.

Interesting facts about Paris

How much does the Eiffel tower weigh?
Where does the oldest tree in Paris come from
Why is there a statue of Liberty in Paris?

The entire Eiffel tower, bolts, metal, lifts and all weighs around 9700 tons. Basically the equivalent of roughly 1616 elephants.

It comes from America! it came back with Jean Robin in 1601 and is still standing close to the church St Julien le Pauvre in the 5th arrondissement. It is also considered one of the oldest churches in Paris.

The famous Statue of Liberty was actually a present of the French people to the Americans. The French copy was made in 1889 and was a present of the French population living in New York to their forefathers.

How many Paris' are there in the world?
Why is the Moulin Rouge Red?
How many people live in Paris in 2017

There are 38 towns called Paris in the world. From France to Texas and even Panama.

Simply because the founders of the world famous cabaret wanted it to stand out and it is the colour of passion. At the time there were dozens of cabarets (and windmills) in Montmartre.

Paris is actually quite small. 2 million 200 thousand people live within the city walls. But if you include the suburbs there are around 12 million people living around our beautiful city.

Rebuilding the first combi van

The first Combi Paris tour bus was bought in a rather run down state. The engine and mechanics were however top notch. It took 3 months and a lot of love and attention to bring it back to pristine condition. We decided on the tourquoise blue half colour as it was one of the most popular and original colours used. The interior was completely replaced and we added the sunroof. There were no sunroofs in the factory released combis so we had to use modified combi plans.

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