Enquiries: +33 (0)6 95 94 39 77
  • Logistics

    The where, what, how, and why of the tours

    Q: I don’t see the VW Bus, am I in the right place?

    A: Most likely you are. We don’t have a physical location, however, our VW’s are very visible. If you don’t see the bus it is probably turning the corner and on its way. Make sure you are standing at Place des Pyramides in front of the Statue of Jeanne d'Arc. Our van pull-up next to Rivoli Street and place des pyramides.

    If it helps use this address: 1 Place des pyramides 75001 Paris

    Telephone: +33 (0)6 95 94 39 77

    Q: Can i create my own tour ?

    A:  The itinerary of the trips is organized by Combi Tours Paris. It's optimized to allow you to an unforgettable experience tour. nevertheless, do not hesitate to contact us on hello@combi.paris if you have a specific wishes.

    Q: Can we get off the tour when we like?

    A: Sorry, that won't be possible. For insurance reasons and quite frankly for your satisfaction, we believe we have chosen a great tour path and we are sure you will love what you get to see.


    Q: Are we allowed to ask the driver to go where we like?

    A: Unfortunately not. Because we need to ensure we arrive for the next group at the right time and place and for insurance reasons, we must stick to our itinerary.

  • Onboard/TheTour

    During the tour in the combi van

    Q: In which languages are our tours ?

    A:  Our tours are offered in French, English. and Italian. However, we can accommodate multiple languages with your private guide on board.


    Q: Can we take photos out of the sunroof?

    A: Absolutely! We hope you will enjoy it so much that you take a bunch of photos and post some on our Instagram account with the hash-tag #combismile.

    Q: Are the tour guided ?

    A: All our tours are come with a guide but are not boring, as our drivers who know Paris very well and are courteous, cultivated and friendly, they will make you discover the city through anecdotes that will capture the charm of the capital.

    Q: Could We bring Food or Drinks?

    A: Each tour offers a break with French specialties and drink coffee, fruit juice, water ...


  • Bookings/Cancellations

    Information on your bookings and cancellations

    Q: I want to change the date or time of my tour ?

    A: Changes must be made 48 hours in advance before the start of your trip by email to bookings@combi.paris.If you need to re-plan your tour, we will be happy to welcome you according to availability.

    Q: I wish to cancel my booking, how to proceed ?

    A: To cancel send an e-mail to bookings@combi.paris. Up to 72 hours before the trip = 50% refund of the deposit. AFTER = NO REFUND

    Q: What type of payment can i use ?

    A: We offer the following payment methods : CB/VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEX & cash on board in Euros.

    Q: Can i offer getaway to a friend ?

    A: yes it's possible ! please contact us by mail bookings@combi.paris.

  • TheCombi

    information on the 70's combi ...

    Q: Can we choose the color of the combi ?

    A: Combi Tours Paris puts at your disposal a fleet of volkswagen combi van which are each singular. Let yourself be surprised !.

    Q: What is the number of passengers per combi ?

    A: .The number of passengers is 7 passengers, but if you are more than 7 you can book several combi. We can accomodate children from 9months with our baby seats & booster seats*(subject to availability). *reservations

    Q: Are animals allowed on board ?

    A: Animals are not allowed on board our vehicules. Only guides dog for the blind are allowed.

    Q: Are the combi adapted for people with reduced mobiliy ?

    A:  We welcome people with reduced mobility with a foldable armchair that can be put in the trunk and our drivers will ensure your are comfortable during the trip.


Enquiries: +33 (0)6 95 94 39 77

Tour times: 9am-12pm / 1pm-4pm / 5pm-8pm / 9pm-Midnight


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